Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Ferryman

Siddhartha, you are lost now
Among the hungers of this downward life
On a pilgrimage of suffering
Waiting to become
The everlasting child of the sun

Much have you seen
From the wisest have you heard
Enduring all hardships, you have forsaken and renounced
Faced death and desire
Tasted lust and loss

Oh Siddhartha, do you hear your lover's call?
For Kamala is waiting
Beyond the garden you will find her
Sweet Kamala, a spirit like yours
Lying together, you will be as one

Or does the river possess your gentle soul
Whispering of life's passing
And the futility of mortal love
The many eyed river, your holy teacher
Listen now to it's emptiness

Siddhartha, your sadness grows the world
The moon is your companion
All paths your lotus eyes behold
Endless is your journey
Bearing the Om across time

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