Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nautical Miles

Once more, you've led me away from disaster
From the dark seed in my soul
Creeping, silent as death
Once more, your light has withered the plague
By which I shall again be afflicted
That strange enemy, and brother, of my heart

My love, there is no time for empty words
So put away the pen, and I will not pick it up
Desire's muse is the open sky, and your wandering eye
Fixed upon it's mystery
Like Ulysses, borne away on winds of fate
To some lost and lonely shore

And though I keep your name upon my door
Who will you be after such a journey?
What terrible scars will mark your beauty
And deceive my loyal spirit?
If the sun is still your master, follow it now
Follow, my love, and find what remains of your native land

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