Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Twenty Feet Of Ice

I'll never lose you
That's not how it happens;
You'll simply vanish
And all the reasons we'll weave,
Drunk on cleverness
Amount, in the end
To nothing at all
Except, maybe, our shared solitude
Born, as we are
So alone, elemental
Natural, and pure
Like the fading glory
Of a great glacial tide
Receding for the last time
Into memory;
But these journeys go on
Joining mountains with the sea
Carving continents like paper hearts
Everywhere, divided;
The spirits we see or don't see
Are brought together in time
Rock and water
Valley and sky;
Not finding is a blessing
Not searching, better still;
When I stopped to rest, and found you
Something in me disappeared
And now, lighter,
I can walk a little faster
Distant and dreaming
To my northern home

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