Saturday, April 2, 2011


I've never been to Greece
But I think of it constantly
Its cracked marble and sand
And its native sons of noble lines
Who are destroying, with inherited pride
What their fathers killed to protect
Seeing little value in myth
Because gods can be replaced
So easily
And any fool can sail a ship
Without blessings and oracles
All the way and back again
Faster than Zeus can blink
In this age without limits or wisdom
When the blood of champions
Is the oil in the olive
And there are no more women to rescue
But I like to think they remember,   
When their meat is cooking
And the sky grows dark with hunger,
Just what a father can be
I like to think they're reminded
When a dust of ancient bones
Blows hard against their doors
And the sea booms and crashes
Like a horror in a maze,
Just what it means to be brave
And I wonder too 
When Helios ascends to show them
How his brothers lost the fight
That men look up and see him
As the enemy of night

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